A community Sheep and Beef farming business based on joint venture partnerships.

“Pastural Performance through Partnerships”

Our aim is simple:  To take selected farms and help farmers and their families by providing solutions to protect and enhance their farming legacy. We do this through forming effective partnerships based on consistent returns for our partners, step by step plans which work, effective proven systems and 100% transparency.

We do this because we are all about family, community and the future growth of our industry, Beetham Pastural and its contribution to New Zealand.

We want to see our business grow, within a thriving New Zealand sheep and beef industry..  Our business model is based on implementing industry best practice, technology, planning and monitoring. To achieve this we need to partner the current exiting generation, and take their experience to create opportunities for the next generation of motivated New Zealanders joining our industry.  Thus play our part in creating succession in the sheep and beef industry, lifting the prosperity of our sector, to consolidate strong rural communities which continue to grow and flourish around robust farm businesses. We want to elevate the perception and reputation of farming as an industry attracting top level professionals, intelligence and technology.

Generational change can enhance growth and vitality, rather than put up barriers or dead ends.