With our partners, we create a plan for the partnership using each other’s knowledge and expertise. Beetham Pastural then invests in development and people to make the plan a reality.

We then provide our partners monthly reports and budget reviews so all can see the plan is being followed. With the use of technology to capture stock weight and weight gain information, along with monthly feed budgets, our partners rest easy knowing the farm and animals are in good hands. We even provide our partners access to our weekly meeting notes to check out “what everyone is up to next week”. All reports are very easy for experienced farmers to read.

Weekly-Meeting-Notes-Thumb Example-of-Financial-Report-Thumb

Secure in all the assurances above, our partners are now able, at their leisure, to spend a bit of time docking with the team.

Our partners can enjoy their continued contribution to their legacy, or spend some time passing on their knowledge to some of our other team members, or to the many Taratahi or school students that visit us weekly.

How about working with the Friends of Brancepeth, which includes some of New Zealand’s top historians and conservationists? Partners may choose to pass on their knowledge of the history New Zealand’s rural communities to be recorded for the Turnbull Library and available future generations.

Our partners may choose to bring their families out to visit their legacy, spend time showing their children or grandchildren what has been archived, and the opportunities for the future. What an opportunity to engage the next generation.